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Framing Technique

Framing is a Composition Technique

In photography, framing helps direct the viewer’s eye in the photo. This is done by having a visual frame in the foreground surrounding the subject that you want to draw attention to.Cow
The most common framing strategy is to have the main subject position in the center of the photo.

The framing technique will give the photo some context and will give the photo a sense of layers and depth. Aside from leading the eye toward the main focal point, framing can also intrigue the viewer. It is what we cannot see in the image that can draw a person into it as much as what is seen in the photo. Clever framing leaves viewers wandering and imagining what is behind the frame.


old manFraming come in all sizes and shapes.

You can include shooting using arches, tunnels or doorways. You can also shoot over windows or through overhanging branches too. In framing, it does not necessarily have to go completely around the edges of the image It can be one or more edges in the shot. Look for natural frames in the scenery and never cut off a small part of any object such as a tail of an animal or a person’s ear or hand in the picture. A missing part no matter how small will be noticed by the viewer and the photo can be interpreted in a different way.  Let the image come through and do the talking.


Natural Framing can add Drama to a Picture.

It is created when a photographer places a secondary subject in the scene of a photograph which will frame the main subject.

bride n groom A portrait of a bride and groom is made more romantic when shot around the branches as a natural frame.

It takes a lot of practice and experience in pre-visualization in order to learn the right way to frame your images.  Just give  the frame a natural shape to be soft or sharp and even blurry. These can be very effective. Avoid cluttering the images and make the frame stand out without becoming a distraction.

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