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Portrait Photographyportrait

It is quite overwhelming to be picking up the camera and quickly pointing it at a certain subject. A portrait must have a real expression in order to connect with the viewer. The subject must communicate with the camera to capture the perfect portrait. Expression is the key.


Wildlife Photography

This kind of photography captures photos of animals and the wildlife usually in their natural habitat. Wildlife photography is very important especially for artistic and scientific value.


fashion photoFashion Photography

This displays clothing and other items related to fashion. This is usually done for advertisements and other commercial purposes. Fashion photography has gained great popularity in the recent years because of technology and the internet.


Wedding Photography

Wedding photography captures moments  and activities related to a couple’s wedding. Shooting a wedding requires speed and skill because the focus is the candid images and is most of the time exhausting and invigorating. This kind of photography is considered as commercial photography for involves a contract and the photographer charges an amount for his services.


abstractAbstract Photography

Abstract photography is also called experimental, conceptual, non- objective and concrete photography. It is a way of characterizing an image that does not have an immediate association with the object world and introduces the viewer to the essence of a certain object. The aim of abstract photography is to help the viewer gain emotional link to the image.


Nature Photography

The focus of nature photography is the landscapes, animal and plant life found in their natural environment. Its main purpose is to educate people about the beauty of the environment and also to inspire other to take action to preserve the environment.

black n white

Black and White Photography

There is so much beauty in mono images. Black and white photography also called BW or B&W is very versatile for it suits any type of photography and it easily adapts to any lighting situation. The creative images of BW photography is  very artistic.


Travel Photography

Travel photography documents a certain place’s landscape, its people, customs, arts and culture. It is a photo essay that mostly tells a story about a certain trip by showing images and eventually taking the viewer along for the ride.


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  1. Nicole

    This is giving me tips for art and it has a lot of information in what I am doing so thank you for helping me out for my art project.

  2. Lukas

    These are some really good tips for the beginner photographers. You’ve really highlighted the important elements that a good photographer needs to learn and use.

  3. Jamie

    Wow! You’ve discussed 3 months of lecture on my Photography Class! Thanks for sharing this post 🙂

  4. Ed Young

    I have been taking picture since I was 5. Though I did not get the formal training on how to take pictures, I was able to get many great shots. You blog has resonated with me, I now know the types and techniques I have used and implemented on my work. Thanks much!

  5. Daniela

    I am excited to get formal training in photography. I believe this is my passion – making memories captured. Thanks for sharing such great info! 🙂


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