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photographerIt takes tons of patience and experience to be the best in photography. But whether you have been a photographer for quite some time now or  just picked your first ever camera, it always best to review the basics.


  • Familiarize your camera.

Read the camera’s manual and learn the controls. Composing the best photos requires special techniques. Every photo taken is made using 3 primary controls of the camera to get the correct exposure. The shutter speed is how long you let the light from the scenery hit the sensor of the camera. Aperture means how much light you let hit the camera. And the ISO sensitivity or how sensitive the sensor of your camera is to the light hitting it. Before you raise your camera and take the shot, see where the light is coming from. Whether it is from a lamp or the sun, learn how to utilize it. A natural or artificial light can highlight an area and can make an ordinary photo turn into an extraordinary one. Shape with the light and never shoot with the sun behind you.

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  • Learn how to utilize space.

If you feel that your images are not protruding, take a step closer to the subject. Fill your frame with the subject. And see how better your photo will be without wasting so much space.


  • Hold your camera the right way.

The proper way to hold a camera is to cupping your hand underneath the lens to prevent producing blurry images.


  • Be aware of every background.

It is everything in the background that can totally make or break a photo.


  • Keep your photos simple.

Do not put too many elements into it which will result to a messy photograph. Try to focus on one or two colors which is predominantly featured in your photograph. This will be more pleasing to the eye. Do not spend hours editing your images.

  • Take inspirations from all forms.

Take as much photos as you can and learn new styles.  Be patient at persevere and for sure you will get better.

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  1. Andy

    Thank u so much for the post. I wish to photograph some artifacts at a historical museum and wanted some tips on basic photography. This helps a lot.

  2. William

    Thank you so much! Just getting into photography so I found this quite useful .
    Thanks again.

  3. Travis

    Personally, this is a very good set of tips for a beginner! Thank you!

  4. Stephen

    Awesome tips! I really find it amazing how you delivered these points perfectly. Kudos!

  5. Greg

    The skill of capturing great moments at the right time is greatly enhanced with practice and dedication. I must sya that because I have been doing all those things and proven it. 🙂


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