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I have read numerous definitions about photography. But a more personal definition of photography for me is that it is informative and inspirational. Informative, in a sense that it provides good and bad in stories around the world. It help us to be more knowledgeable about how people live in other places and how things are around us.

Photography is inspirational because they bring us events that we can use to be a better individual. It helps us see the beauty of the world.

hot air balloonsPhotography gives a photographer like me creative fulfillment. It helps express my artistic side.  It also lets me be a traveler and and meet other people which can make life more interesting. The beauty of the world is seen in photography. It creates new ideas and provides awareness about how huge, diverse and beautiful the world is.

For most people, photography is simply holding a camera and take a photo. In reality, it is how you communicate with the world around you.Remember that successful photographer requires skill, talent, and experience. Do not be discouraged by other photographers’ beautiful works  or naysayers that you come across with. Try to understand that photography is a huge market and that you can grab your fair share if you honestly want it. Be inspired and motivated. Be open to learn new things and understand that photography is not at all perfect.

Do not think that you need to invest a fortune in order to get the latest equipment to take the perfect photos. All you need is just a working camera and a lens. Just start simple and enjoy every bit of experience.

fishing-sea-man-personThere are by far many avenues nowadays about how you can express your love in photography, the internet is the best example.  You can showcase your work once you build a website. You can be a freelance and earn money from the things that you love doing. Take tons of practice and be patient. Take training courses if you can. Your attitude will define your work.

Professional photography is an excellent career choice. You can get paid by using your creative talent. It is one of few careers where a college degree is not that important. However, photography is a very competitive field. Be prepared and be smart. To become a successful photographer, concentrate on your mindset because your mind is your most powerful tool. It can be your powerful asset and can be your destruction too. Stay focused.

Remember that photography is a journey. Photography is immortal. It creates immortal images for me. I have seen the world through my camera for several years now. And i consider myself very fortunate to have grown in an era of popular photography.

I have invested so much in my craft. Most of the time, I do something with photography that capture a fleeting moment like catching a ball in a soccer game or an Olympic moment.  I consider myself as an artist that allows people to see my photos as an art form. I wanted people to see and feel things that are not expressed in words.


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Adam Davis

Adam Davis

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It’s fun to take pictures. This is what I do, this is my life.

I have thousands of pictures from years of traveling and having fun. This site is my way of displaying and sharing my work.

Enjoy the site 😉

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